Carlos Bulosan Theatre’s seasonal activities consist of live theatrical play productions, professional training and development workshops, the Play Creation Unit and Novice Play Creation Unit, as well as an annual showcase of Filipino-Canadian artists, Tales from the Flipside Festival.

Both Units introduces and exposes participants to various approaches of seeing and creating theatre.  The Play Creation Unit is a dramaturge-facilitated group geared towards emerging-professional playwrights and readying their scripts for production.

The Novice Play Creation Unit is also a dramaturge-facilitated group. It is especially geared for those interested in the basics and vocabulary of playwriting. It acts as an introduction to the world of theatre. This year’s group currently has visual artists, musicians, spoken word poets and actors (who have never written for theatre).

CBT at times also conducts and facilitates educational workshops on Philippine history, and hybrid cultures specifically with the Canadian experience. CBT is a proud community partner with the Kapisanan Philippine Centre for Philippine Arts & Culture (Kapisanan) and co-presents a number of community events including Kapisanan’s annual Kultura Filipino Arts Festival held in Kensington Market.


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