Last Night’s Supper by Jodinand Aguillon

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Last Night's Supper by Jodinand Aguillon

Inspired by the home he grew up in, Art Director and Photographer Jodinand Aguillion (aka Jodee), gathered 13 Filipina artists-enterpenures and used food, fashion, installation art, social media and photography to celebrate our Filipino Culture for The Pearl Cultural Showcase at Miracle Thieves.  See the Photograph and other installations today until May 2, 2012

On Wednesday night myself and 12 fellow Filipinas gathered at Pretty Freedom to help our friend and feast on this glorious Filipino meal that included pancit, kare-kare and lechon. Jodee briefed us that the feeling of the shoot is “…REGAL REALNESS (powerful, bold, elegant – but not over the top) it’s a blend of Beyonce’s “Run The World” & “Joy Luck Club.”‘ We, the participants, noted that the set itself was striking, and filled with familiar symbols of our own childhood but with a contemporary flare.

Once we were ready to shoot, Jodee began by remarking how we inspire him on both personal and artistic levels. “It’s not a coincidence that you’re all here in this room. You all are powerful and instrumental to the success of our community and culture.” During the photoshoot our job consisted of talking, laughing, eating and of course calling Jodee’s mom to wish her a happy birthday. Jodee continued to talk about his upbringing and his mother as a constant source of  strength and inspiration.

Here are the 13 Filipina artists-enterpenures of Last Night’s Super are (from left to right)
Diana Reyes aka Fly Lady Di, painter, actor and dancer
Kristen Jordan, original member of CLUTCH Vol 1, Organizer Daps All Ages
Annalie Bonda, of The Chief Company
Tala Berkes
, Fashion Designer
Christine Mangosing
, Art Director & Designer at C*Mango Design
Maylee Todd, Multi-faceted artis
April Aliermo, of Hooded Fang & Phedre
Casey Mecija of Ohbijou
Eleanor Espiritu of Mirror Phase
Renna Reddie, Artistic Producer at the Carlos Bulosan Theatre
Renelyn Quinicot, CLUTCH Vol 4 member
Gerasil Coria
, Blogger
Charise Aragonza, CLUTCH Vol 4 member

The photo is currently gaining much attention across social media websites and receiving positive accolades.  More often than not Filipino Women are showcased through a male gaze.  All one has to do is Google “Filipino Women” and the computer screen is filled with predominately exoticized imagery and websites. On an intimate level the photographer wanted to pay homage to his friends and their accomplishments but this photo, the set, the food, and all that it encompasses establishes a demand for the evolving Filipino presence in our mainstream culture.

See the night through instagram

Jodinand Aguillon  is the Co-Owner and Creative Director of Pretty Freedom in Toronto’s Kensington Market, Shopcastr Retail Scout, Do-It-Yourself Innovator, Shotgun Wedding Set and Costumer Designer, Photographer and all round Renaissance Magic Maker.

Catering provided by the ever satisfying Tita Flips and her Scadding Court Food Stand and the lechon provided by Mang Bernard’s, who came to Toronto in 1961 and originally sold lumpia in Kensington Market, now in Parkdale he runs his own Filipino Grocery Store.

Make-up done by Gillian Alix and Vincent Trang. Last and certainly not least, Patricio Estebar as Jodee Photography mentor.


B R U H A : A CLUTCH Vol. 4 Exhibit

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Carlos Bulosan Theatre’s Community Partner
Kapisanan Philippine Centre for Arts & Culture presents
B R U H A : A CLUTCH Vol. 4 Exhibit


April 14, 2012
7:00 p.m.
167 Augusta Ave., Toronto in Kensington Market

Visual Art | Installation | Music | Photography | Performances + more

Charise Aragoza
Renelyn Quinicot
Victoria Marie
Victoria Bacnis
Diane Guison
Maureen Mendoza

Wednesdays & Thursdays
12 – 8 PM
Until April 28, 2012


CLUTCH is a free six-month arts-based program for young Filipina women to start a dialogue with each other, get mentorship from professional artists within the community, have access to professional tools to hone their creativity, define their identity, explore their cultural heritage, and tell their stories on their terms. CLUTCH aims to provide hands-on artistic and leadership development, through the exploration of cultural identity as the foundation for empowerment.