Notable conversations on the TTC, on Facebook and in coffee shops galore lead us to our next blog post. These conversations started with “Did you hear about…” and end with “…that’s fantastic, can’t wait to see what comes  next.” Some proud Pinoy action happening in Toronto.  So be in the know and remember these names and events.

Tala Berkes – Fashion Designer
Having recently submitted her thesis entitled “Sound As Signifier” Communication and Expression Through the Sound of Clothing” for her Masters of Arts in Fashion, Tala Berkes has been making headway since awarded the inaugural 2012 Elle Fashion Canada Graduate Award and appearing in the July issue of Elle Canada Magainze (right).

The Ryerson student has been researching the sound of clothing.  On her website Tala goes into further detail about her process…” was interested in looking at what role the sounds of our clothes play in communicating, but I also wanted to understand how sound could lead to a more holistic appreciation of our clothes, to a fuller sensory experience.”
Keep your eyes peeled for Tala Berkes and her  label Tala Kamea!

Hazel Venzon – Theatre Artist
Some may recognize the name, Yes she’s our Canadian Filipino Artists #2! Since our February posting, Hazel has re-located to Toronto and is currently working on a SummerWorks Live Art Installation.

As the largest juried festival in Canada featuring predominantly New Canadian plays, SummerWorks looks to program a festival that uniquely reflects Toronto and Canada’s cultural zeitgeist.

Hazel’s piece entitled “Small Embrace” combines Street Food and Conversation at the Corner of Queen and Dovercourt. A little birdie tells me that Tita Flips may be making an appearance. It’s FREE August 11,12, 18, 19 at 2pm

Diana Reyes aka Fly Lady Di – Dancer & Choreographer
Just recently Toronto- born dancer/choreographer/actor Diana Reyes  was at the Harbourfront Centre teaching FREE house dance and hip hop workshop.

Some of her first dance roles included a part in the movie Honey, as well as music videos for Fall Out Boy, Ashley Simpson, Tweet and Fabolous to name a few. She’s known around the world for her house dance freestyle of which she trained in her hometown of New York City. Di has recently choreographed the famed web series Prison Dancer. As she constantly learns and grows, she wants to continue spreading true dance culture worldwide!

You can catch her teaching House on Monday nights with O.I.P. Dance Centre, Home Of Do Dat Entertainment. You can also catch her  every Sunday 3-9pm at The London Tap House.

We at CBT wish to congratulate these ladies and wish them continued success!