From the desk of Queer playwrights Catherine Hernandez and Flerida Peña (along with our video dude, Manny Veneracion with music by MC Jazz) join forces to bring you When Sally Met Sally, an online video collection of dating disasters.

Based on TRUE stories from our viewership and the playwrights themselves, each episode will laugh at the quirks of dating, queer style.

We want you, your friends and your friend’s friends who self-identify as LGBTTIQQ2S/WSW/MSM to send to us your stories of dating disasters.

Here is what you need to know

1)      Your submission will be COMPLETELY CONFIDENTIAL. No names will be used and all similarities pertaining to your story will be diluted to the best of our ability.

2)      For worried viewers: Although you might think that bee-yotch you met last week told us about how you breastfed a puppy during speed dating, there were probably three or more people who submitted a similar story. Seriously. Our community is too weird for anyone to pinpoint anything on you. Now stop breastfeeding that puppy.

3)      You will not receive any payment for your submission. You may experience intense glee if we choose to use your submission in some way. This may give you satisfaction beyond what payment can ever give you.

4)      We want the truth. The truth is just plain funny. No need to exaggerate. Reality is funny as is.

5)      Do note that our focus will be on first dates rather than how your past relationship got dragged into the dirt, ending in your ex burning sex toys outside your former home. That’s not really funny. That’s just sad.

6)      Submission of your story will not guarantee that it will be recreated in our series.

7)      We are aiming at shooting all recreations in one take and under 2 minutes.

8)      Once we have our first 3 episodes up, please share, because sharing is caring.

9)      Our deadline for our first round of submissions is May 3rd 2012.

10)    This image of the fallen cupid is merely temporary. We have more swag than that.

If you have something to share, e-mail us at