Six moths ago when the Play Creation Unit formed with Director of Play Creation Marjorie Chan, it was established that this year’s Flipside Festival (including Tales from the Flipside) would be a celebration about new works in development, Specifically taking away the pressure to “perform” works that aren’t ready to be performed…and what a celebration! Each night we had to add more chairs to the crowds as the Playwrights introduced themselves and their inspirations through out their process.

Darrel Gamotin heartfuly introduced each cast member with personal stories – one even leading all the way back to high school for Oh Comely.

In her introduction for her new musical Icosagon Dreams, Flerida Peña got a laugh from audiences when referencing Day Time TV’s infamous icosagon aka the big wheel from the Price is Right!

Jo SiMalaya Alcampo delighted audiences with her singing plants and visuals of her Aswang character represented through shadow puppetry for Hillot Means Healer.

And finally, Meesha Albano informed the audience that the excerpts about to be presented and are part of her larger play Transit Diaries (see it this summer in the Toronto Fringe!)

Of course the audience played a large part in this development celebration. Each night the Playwrights asked 3-4 questions pertaining to their play and (in written form) received feedback from the audience. The feedback provided is intended to support the Playwrights as they enter their next phase of writing.

Photo by: Dwyane Fundano

Thank You to the Facilitators, Directors, Actors, & Volunteers!

We hope you also enjoyed the Interactive Visual Installations by Eric Quebral & Michaela Cruz
The Workshops by Ins Choi & Casey Mecija
The Food (provided by Tita Flips)

Again thank you to our Funders:
Canada Council for the Arts, Ontario Arts Council, Toronto Arts Council &
The City of Toronto

Our Community Partners:
Kapisanan Centre for Philippine Arts and Culture, fu-GEN Asian Canadian Theatre Company & Cahoots Theatre Company