Parol is a traditional Filipino Christmas decoration, a five point star-shaped Christmas lantern.

Originally made of thin bamboo frames and covered with colored cellophane or with rice paper and it has two “tails” that serve as the rays of the star. The star is a representation of the Star of Bethlehem and are symbols of hope.

Parol makers in the Philippines generally starting making parols as early as June, a lot of them are sold in markets from October up until Christmas.

Parol has become the most recognizable Christmas ornament for Filipinos not just in the Philippines, but in any country where there is a Filipino community, um. Hi.

Over the past month The Kapisanan Centre for Philippine Arts and Culture have been facilitating free Parol Making Workshops. These locally hand-made Parols can be purchased at their upcoming Krismas Bazaar Saturday December 3rd at 167 Augusta Ave from 1-9PM. Don’t Worry! If you aren’t able to join us on Saturday the Parols are still available and will be on display in the front gallery so come on by and take a look!